You have a great website, great services to offer, unfortunately so do many others. How do your target audience reach you? Search engines like Google tell them which sites are most relevant and credible. There are multiple standard SEO techniques that can put your website on the first page of search engines.


Keyword Search

There are 2 kinds of keywords “Ego keywords” that attracts general browsers to your website and there is “Money Keywords” which attracts real buyers and maximize the ROI of your website. I work closely with client to analyze “Money keywords” that optimizes your content to meet your business targets.

There is continuous effort on research of the right keywords and implementing on your website with the appropriate content.


SEO Audit

Not all websites are designed to be search engine friendly. SEO audit examines your complete website and find the gap points that may give negative results. The checklist items are such as:-

  1. Number of pages indexed – versus number of page actually published
  2. CMS (Content Management System) review – can the CMS produce search engine-friendly code, internal linking, unique title and meta tags etc
  3. Title tag and meta tag structural review
  4. Analytics setup including Google Analytics script check
  5. Search Engine verification and Webmaster Tools review
  6. Robots.txt check, on-page sitemap and XML sitemap check
  7. Preliminary keyword ranking report for top 25 keyword phrases
  8. Linking and anchor text profile review
  9. And many more items…


SEO Metrics

The ultimate goal of SEO is landing on the #1 search ranking. True, but there’s much more to it. By digging into the right SEO metrics, you get the exact picture to make the right decisions. Which channels, links, keywords and on-page/off-page factors are driving bottom-line impact? To fine-tune and manage site tagging scripts on your site, I’ll install standard SEO tools on your website such as Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools – to give you holistic, meaningful insight into what drives revenue.


 Monthly Reporting and Ranking Analysis

To reach your search ranking goal, the tiniest adjustment can move the needle drastically from one day to the next. But without any strategy this approach can impact on negative side. Experimentation helps. I would provide Monthly organic performance rankings, which would drive to enhance your content ideation, content creation and keyword strategy:

  1. Monthly keyword performance in the Top 3 search engines
  2. Historical movement in keyword ranking
  3. Competitive keyword ranking for top competitors


SEO Best Practices Training

You content could be SEO friendly, but the quality matters. You could be unintentionally doing things that could land your site a spot on the naughty list, or even banned from organic search listings. I can suggest and train your content writers and other team members in SEO best practices.


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